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  • New Year's Resolution: Be Nicer to Your Eyes

    They say the eyes are the window to the soul. But they’re also what allow most of us to navigate the world around us — from driving to working to texting our friends to taking in the sunset.
  • Why You Need to Be Wearing Polarized Sunglasses

    We all know sunglasses do more than just make you look good. They help keep your eyes healthy and your eyesight clear by blocking UV rays from the sun.
  • The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Blue Light Glasses

    Can you believe it’s almost 2020? All those movies about flying cars and life in outer space were based on today. According to those predictions, ...
  • 5 Best Women’s Sunglass Styles for Small Faces

    Sunglasses are all about showing up with style — and giving your eyes much-needed protection from harmful UV rays. The last thing you want after pi...
  • Yes, You Should Wear Sunglasses Year-Round. Even in the Winter

    When you think about sliding on your favorite pair of sunglasses, you probably picture hot days on the beach, happy hour on a patio with friends, ...