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  • Choosing the Right Lens Color for Your Snow Goggles

    Choosing the Right Lens Color for Your Snow Goggles

    There’s no overstating the importance of clear vision when you’re out on the mountains. It’s important to have snow goggles with features like Polarization, anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses—and I-SEA’s snow goggles offer all of those—but another big factor that contributes to clear vision is the color of the lens itself.


  • Best Ski & Snowboard Goggles of 2024

    Best Ski & Snowboard Goggles of 2024

    When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, goggles are just as essential as the rest of your gear. No matter how top-notch your equipment is, and no matter how experienced you are in your sport, having optimal eyewear is crucial.

  • The Real Scoop on Expensive Sunglasses

    The Real Scoop on Expensive Sunglasses

    There’s an incredibly wide range of sunglasses prices out there, from cheap pairs at a mall kiosk to expensive investment pieces. So the question is, are the pricey ones really worth it? More expensive doesn’t always mean better. (We all know this from personal experience, but I-SEA’s super-affordable, serious-quality

  • Must-Have Polarized Sunglasses for Men

    Especially with a stronger summer sun in the sky, it’s never been more important to stick to Polarized lenses for your sunglasses. Keep your eyes protected and your look on-point, no matter which style you choose—or styles, plural, because with options like these, you’ll want to stock up.
  • Must-Have Polarized Sunglasses for Your Next Vacation

    The weather’s getting even warmer, and everyone’s got their summer itineraries in the works. What makes the perfect vacation even better? The perfe...
  • What are the benefits of Polarized sunglasses?

    All sunglasses are helpful for protecting your eyes from the sun’s damaging UV rays, but Polarized shades take that protection a big step further. ...
  • Find the Perfect Frames for Your Face Shape

    Naturally, it’s important to follow your personal style when picking out a new pair of sunnies. But there’s more to it than just initial preference...
  • Acetate Frames Are a Must-Have! Here’s Why

    Acetate sunglasses are a stylish and durable choice for anyone shopping for a new pair of shades. It may not have the sexiest name, but this materi...
  • New Year's Resolution: Be Nicer to Your Eyes

    They say the eyes are the window to the soul. But they’re also what allow most of us to navigate the world around us — from driving to working to texting our friends to taking in the sunset.
  • Why You Need to Be Wearing Polarized Sunglasses

    We all know sunglasses do more than just make you look good. They help keep your eyes healthy and your eyesight clear by blocking UV rays from the sun.
  • 5 Best Women’s Sunglass Styles for Small Faces

    Sunglasses are all about showing up with style — and giving your eyes much-needed protection from harmful UV rays. The last thing you want after pi...
  • Yes, You Should Wear Sunglasses Year-Round. Even in the Winter

    When you think about sliding on your favorite pair of sunglasses, you probably picture hot days on the beach, happy hour on a patio with friends, ...