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Find the Perfect Frames for Your Face Shape

Naturally, it’s important to follow your personal style when picking out a new pair of sunnies. But there’s more to it than just initial preferences! When sunglasses have a silhouette that’s perfectly paired to what suits you best, it can take your entire look to a whole new level. Learn how to shop smarter with a few simple guidelines and tips from the I-SEA team to help you determine the right shape for your face.

If you don’t fit neatly into any of the below categories, don’t worry. Our shades are especially flattering, so go with the closest match and get ready to shine — while blocking out extra shine with Polarized lenses + 100% UV Protection on all styles.


To balance out those curved edges, go with frames featuring angular lines rather than soft ones that mimic the roundness of your face. Think geometric-shaped frames like squares or rectangles. These kinds of sunglasses will elongate your face and sharpen your natural bone structure, including your cheekbones.

Our top picks: Sonic, Alden, Maverick


Just like angular edges balance out curved ones, if you have a square face, it’s ideal to go with rounder sunglasses shapes featuring soft lines to counteract that. Circular or oval frames will add a flattering sense of softness to your shape.

Our top picks: All Aboard, Watty, Payton


Oval faces suit a broader range of styles than most, but there are still superior options. Lean toward sunglasses with some roundness, which tend to be wider to balance out the length of your face. Opt for oversized styles, but not so oversized that they distract from or hide your features. 

Our top picks: Charlie, Ahoy, Penn


Those with heart-shaped faces (also called triangular shaped) have wider foreheads and narrower chins. While other approaches are more about creating a contrast, for heart-shaped faces, it’s best to complement those features. That means sticking to cat eye and butterfly styles. More delicate frames will complement smaller face features, while larger features can be a good match with thicker frames.

Our top picks: Lexi, Opal, Rosey