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Acetate Frames Are a Must-Have! Here’s Why

Acetate sunglasses are a stylish and durable choice for anyone shopping for a new pair of shades. It may not have the sexiest name, but this material is a superhero when it comes to sunnies, offering a ton of benefits over traditional frames.

What makes acetate frames so great?

First and foremost, durability. They’re stronger and much more resistant to scratches and cracks, so they’re ready for anything and everything on your horizon—even for those who embrace the active lifestyle of I-SEA!

While they’re sturdy enough to withstand season after season of adventures, acetate frames are also lightweight and flexible. This makes them extra comfortable, so they’re perfect for all-day wear.

Rather than the usual suspects that make up most frames, like petroleum-based plastics, acetate is a plant-based material made from cellulose. It’s hypoallergenic, so it will rarely ever cause a reaction, giving people with allergies or sensitive skin even more reason to love acetate. This material is also renewable, so it’s a more environmentally friendly choice from the start. On top of that, the higher quality and durability means your shades will last longer, which automatically reduces waste - which we're always stoked on! (Nothing’s worse than having to toss a fresh set of frames because they couldn’t hold up to everyday wear!)

And with I-SEA’s acetate sunglasses, superior quality doesn’t equal sub-par style or anything too pricey. The construction of these frames allows for endless variations of colors and styles, so there’s a fit for everyone’s face shape, personal taste and budget—including plenty to choose from under $40! 

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From the sharp and chic Lexi to the timelessly cool Tides, all our acetate options are hand-polished and include scratch-resistant lenses. Because when you look this good in your sunnies, you want them to last!