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Must-Have Polarized Sunglasses for Men


Everyone’s familiar with Polarized lenses by now, but we’re forever impressed by this feature. It’s pretty incredible how adding a single filter to lenses—Polarization—can create so many benefits for your eyewear.

It reduces glare while boosting color contrast and vibrancy, which increases visibility and reduces strain on your eyes that can lead to unpleasant side effects (hello, headaches).

All of these things are important not just for your comfort, but for your safety too. That’s especially true if you’re into the I-SEA lifestyle, aka embarking on outdoor adventures on the regular.

Polarized sunglasses aren’t hard to find these days, but finding ones that are also high-quality, affordable, comfortable and good-looking all in one is a different story. That’s where I-SEA comes in. We’re making Polarization accessible and cool, with a range of styles so you can find the fit that’s best for your vibe.


This pair is all form and function, combining a modern shape with next-level durability thanks to a frame made from extra-strong acetate. The lenses tow the line between rounded and rectangular, creating a look that feels current but also won’t ever go out of style..


Not your average aviator, this reimagined take on a classic shape features top-quality metal frames that are comfortable and sleek. Slightly oversized lenses with rectangular curves maximize coverage for even more Polarization protection. This is a pair you’ll want to wear out on the water, but you’ll also feel great keeping them on for a quick errand run or an on-the-fly lunch.


If it’s not already, Wyatt is probably about to become your new go-to pair of sunglasses. Sporting a square style (and as always, Polarized lenses), Wyatt is ready for whatever adventures you have on the horizon—classically cool, and easy to slip on for any outing, whether on land or sea.


Legendary skater Greyson Fletcher knows what it takes to make shades that can keep up, which is why the style he designed with I-SEA is essential for any guy who gets active outdoors. These  signature sunglasses come in five colorways, each with super light and flexible TR90 frames.


Our Swell sunnies are yet another example that you can’t go wrong with a Polarized style that’s universally appealing. There’s no way not to love this classic round shape that comes in five different colors, including clear frames for an airy look that’s still built to last.


Especially with a stronger summer sun in the sky, it’s never been more important to stick to Polarized lenses for your sunglasses. Keep your eyes protected and your look on-point, no matter which style you choose—or styles, plural, because with options like these, you’ll want to stock up.

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