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5 Best Women’s Sunglass Styles for Small Faces

Sunglasses are all about showing up with style — and giving your eyes much-needed protection from harmful UV rays. The last thing you want after picking out a pair of slick new shades is to put them on and realize they’re too big for your face.

Oversized sunglasses are in — and we are so here for it. There’s nothing like slipping on a pair of oversized aviators like The River or larger-than-life cat eyes like The Frankie and blocking out bad vibes.


But there’s a difference between going for a glam over-sized look and having your sunglasses fall off your face because they’re too big.

With all of our women’s sunglasses and men’s sunglasses at I-SEA, we include the fit in the product description so you can choose between oversized, undersized, and medium-fit styles.

But depending on your face size and shape, certain pairs of sunglasses might not always look or fit the same on you as someone else.

There are certain things you can look for to ensure you get the right fit for your small face, including grip, frame material, and style. Here are tips for choosing the best style for you, and our 5 best women’s sunglass styles for small faces.

What to Look For in Sunglasses for Small Faces

1. Grip

  • If the frames in your favorite sunglass styles look great but are just a little too big, the grip can help you decide if they’ll be the right fit or not.
  • If you’ve got a small nose and a small face, look for styles that have adjustable nose pads, like The Lovetrain, The Dixie, or even The Parker on the men’s side.
  • If you worry about your sunglasses falling off when you look down, look for extra grip on the temples, like on The Scarlett, The Bowie, or The London.

2. Hinges

  • All I-SEA metal-frame sunglasses are internally reinforced with either 3- or 6-barrel stainless steel hinges, ensuring a sturdy, tighter fit on your face.

3. Frame Material

  • Different frame materials have different weights and feels.
  • Many of our sunglasses come in either plastic, metal, acetate, or our newest material, the TR90 (more on this below), and different materials may provide a better fit for small faces.


  • The most popular frame material for both glasses and sunglasses.
  • Acetate is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and available in a variety of colors.


  • TR90, sometimes referred to as “plastic titanium”, is an incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight material.
  • Sunglasses made with TR90 are perfect for small faces because they can bend under pressure and contour to your face comfortably.


  • Metal frames may make it easier for you to custom-fit your sunglasses to your smaller face.
  • All our metal framed sunglasses are light-weight and durable, so you

5 Best Women’s Sunglasses for Small Faces

Now that we’ve covered considerations for grip, frame and lens materials, let’s review 5 women’s sunglasses that are perfect for smaller faces.

1. Scarlett

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These oval under-sized sunglasses are total fire, with four hot-hued lenses to prove it. A delicate metal frame with adjustable extra grip around the ears make The Scarlett an obvious go-to for small faces (and anyone with a sense of style). Available in brown, orange, red, and yellow so you can bring the heat, no matter the season.

2. The Isla

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Next up we have the Isla, our razor-thin cat eye that both screams sass and is a surefire fit for small faces. With hand-polished polycarbonate frames and sleek metal temples, you’ll hardly feel these sunglasses on your face. Available in 8 different colors, including red, leopard print, and olive green, so you can switch it up every day of the week (and more).

3. Stones

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Party like a rock star (without worrying your sunglasses will fall off your face) with a pair of the Stones. These under-sized, lip-shaped shades with delicate metal frames and adjustable nose grips are perfect for everything from stage dives to long sunset drives. So head bang away — but don’t blame us for the sore neck the next day.

4. Ruby

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If glitz and glamor is your game, then Ruby is a name you won’t want to forget. These babies boast undersized ovalish-frames with edgy angles and huge blingin’ temples to top it all off. Hand-polished polycarbonate frames, premium scratch-resistant nylon lenses, and 4 sexy colors to choose from...what’s not to love? The Ruby is a small face’s best friend.

5. Dixie

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Last but definitely not least, there was no doubt the Dixie had to make the list. These undersized lemon-wedge lenses cradled by a light-weight metal frame, complete with adjustable nose pads and extra grip behind the ears are a dream for small faces. Available in red, blue, green, and more so you can collect ‘em all.

This list is far from final. At I-SEA we boast a bevy of women’s sunglasses that are a perfect fit for small faces. Made with top-notch frame materials that are light as a feather, our edgy undersized styles will let you step out with style and confidence that your sunglasses will stay on all day, and look damn good, too.

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