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The Real Scoop on Expensive Sunglasses

There’s an incredibly wide range of sunglasses prices out there, from cheap pairs at a mall kiosk to expensive investment pieces. So the question is, are the pricey ones really worth it?

More expensive doesn’t always mean better. (We all know this from personal experience, but I-SEA’s super-affordable, serious-quality sunnies are added proof!)

Before diving into tips for decision making, it’s helpful to explore the components that actually determine the cost of sunglasses. These components can include lens quality, frame materials, and additional features like UV protection and polarization.

What Plays Into Pricing

There’s more to sunglasses pricing than meets the eye. Beyond the actual item itself, costs vary for several reasons.

From cutting and grinding to polishing and coating, the lens-making process is an intricate one. Different manufacturers have different levels of expenses, with materials playing a big role in the bottom line. And don’t forget about all the general costs of operating a business, plus accessories like cases and sleeves, plus packaging!

Remember, high prices don’t always equate to high quality. The quality level of sunglasses has less to do with the price tag, and more to do with factors like what kinds of lenses they feature. 

Things like lens treatments (such as coatings to block out blue light or UV rays) and frame material can have a particularly significant effect.

Common types include plastic, Trivex, glass—and an I-SEA favorite—polycarbonate! If you embody the active I-SEA lifestyle, these lenses could be your go-to. They’re not only sturdy but also lightweight, making them perfect for any high-energy adventure.

Quality Over Everything

It can be tempting to treat yourself to a pricey pair in the search for lasting shades, but there’s no reason to settle when I-SEA offers the best of both worlds. The next time you feel like splurging on new sunglasses, take a moment to consider your options, and make sure you’re not being duped into an overpriced accessory! I-SEA’s Polarized + 100% UV Protected lenses (starting at just $28!) guarantee quality and affordability when looking for the right pair of sunnies. 

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